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Oh crumbs, two posts in one day. Sorry, but this just had to be highlighted.

I have just returned from our local Tesco supermarket where I thought I would investigate the price of their gin. Ours seems to keep evaporating from the cupboard though I’ve no idea why that might be. I don’t like paying full price so I keep my eyes peeled for special offers and stock up when it is less unreasonably priced. Bombay Sapphire is very good but rarely on special. Gordon’s is pretty good and a reliable standby. I began to think I was in luck when, beneath the line of Gordon’s 1 litre bottles, was bright yellow ticket emblazoned:

Special Purchase – £16.00

For the benefit of those mentally challenged, the special purchase ticket also went on to explain that this price was equivalent to £16.00 per litre. Well done!

I glanced to the left at the line of regular (70cl) bottles of Gordon’s. The price label beneath them proclaimed £11.00. Wait a minute, whilst I can instantly calculate that 1 litre bottles at £16.00 is equivalent to £16.00 per litre, my mental ability to divide £11.00 by 7 was suffering, probably as a result of drinking too much gin, but it looks pretty darn close.

Sure enough, The 70cl bottles’ price label went on to explain that this price was equivalent to £15.72 per litre. 😯

Thanks a bunch, Tesco – some “special purchase”. ❗

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2 comments on “Special Purchase
  1. annie says:

    It’s £10 for 70cl in LIDL!

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