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Second blissful Spanish trip of 2007.

Lunch in Calpe

Last night and today, one of the neighbour’s dogs was been barking almost incessantly but I think we got some sleep, eventually. I may have to go and kill it. What a way to end up in a Spanish prison.

Home alone

Yesterday morning was an early(ish) start to take Chris and Yvonne to Alicante airport for their flight to the UK on the first leg of their journey to Barbados for their cruise. A slightly tentative journey of about 90 minutes


Yesterday was really an orientation day and a refresher course in how to look after the house complete with small dog (which is now sitting on my lap between me and the keyboard as I try to type). Apparently, our

Spain, here we come

A 5:00 AM alarm awoke us rudely for our planned 8:00 AM easyJet departure from Luton airport to Alicante. Unfortunately, the previous crew had apparently left a switch on in the flight deck of the Boeing 737 which now had


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