Home alone

Yesterday morning was an early(ish) start to take Chris and Yvonne to Alicante airport for their flight to the UK on the first leg of their journey to Barbados for their cruise. A slightly tentative journey of about 90 minutes while I tried to get used to a strange car, again with its owner sitting in the passenger seat. After messing with the rush hour around Alicante, we dropped them off in plenty of time and were cut loose to negotiate the return journey alone.

Tuesday is market day in Jalon, so, having managed to find our way back successfully, we wandered into the market to do some shopping. There were some good looking alcachofas (artichokes) which, along with some conejo (rabbit) and langostinos (prawns –  a tad disappointing), were screaming paella. Some of our shopping came from a new Masymas supermercat that has recently opened in Jalon. Naturally, we also needed a couple of litres of vino rosado from the local cooperativo to wash everything down.

After lunch in the sun, our afternoon was mainly house chores with a shortish walk to try to give el perrito some exercise and keep him happy. We managed to raid some pink peppercorns from a tree en route. Now we need to find some monkfish. 🙂

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