Spain, here we come

A 5:00 AM alarm awoke us rudely for our planned 8:00 AM easyJet departure from Luton airport to Alicante. Unfortunately, the previous crew had apparently left a switch on in the flight deck of the Boeing 737 which now had a flat battery so we all had to get out and push. Eventually after some frenetic recharging work, we managed to get under way about an hour late and arrived in Alicante at 12:10 PM under blue skies and glorious sunshine.

Chris met us at the airport and ferried us on to the Jalon valley where we were reunited with Yvonne and Scamp (el perrito). We were here in February for two weeks to look after Chris and Yvonne’s house and dog, and are now back for a repeat engagement while they cruise around a few West Indian islands. It’s a lousy job but someone has to do it.

The day finished with a traditional Spanish dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding washed down with some vino. Doubtless, we will also be renewing our acquaintance with the local Jalon wine cooperative over the coming days. I may have to buy some gin, too, just to make sure that the lemons in the orchard are up to scratch.

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