Lunch in Calpe

Last night and today, one of the neighbour’s dogs was been barking almost incessantly but I think we got some sleep, eventually. I may have to go and kill it. What a way to end up in a Spanish prison. Maybe the owner has pegged out and it’s hungry?

Anyway, this morning dawned to brilliant sunshine and, after a lazy morning, we tried to get up the Bernia (a mountain behind the house). However, both roads that we knew led up there were blocked by lorries, so that didn’t work. Undaunted, we changed direction and went to Calpe to have a spot of calamari and chipitos (baby octopus, I think) for lunch. After a walk up part of Calpe rock, we found the new supermarket and got yet more seafood for tonight’s dinner – tellinas which are small bivalves rather like cockles but a slightly different shape. I’ll whip these up simply with some garlic and parsley on fine spaghetti.

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