Yesterday was really an orientation day and a refresher course in how to look after the house complete with small dog (which is now sitting on my lap between me and the keyboard as I try to type). Apparently, our favourite supermercado in Benissa is currently shut for renovations so we’re going to have to get used to something else. It shouldn’t be too difficult as there is a new, bigger one in nearby Calpe.

Chris walked us into Jalon where we managed to get some money out of a hole in the wall. We had tried to get some from the Post Office at home before leaving but arrived at 4:00 PM precisely – just as the doors were being locked. T’riffic! We also managed to take el perrito for a walk in the afternoon without getting him killed either by traffic or other perritos. So far so good.

Later in the afternoon, since Chris and Yvonne were frantically packing for their West Indies trip, Carol and I managed to volunteer ourselves for galley duties which is a tad scarey in someone else’s kitchen with strange equipment under the watchful eyes of the owners. All seemed to go well, however, and food was eventually gratefully received.

A relatively early night was deemed appropriate as we were to be up and off early in the morning to get Chris and Yvonne to Alicante airport for their departing flight to the UK.

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