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Spring camping trip to Cornwall

Billy Rolls to Rock

I think it’s fair to say that we know of no site with a better view than the Caravan Club site at St. Agnes Beacon. I think it is also fair to say that we know of no windier site

The May Song

Attending May Day in Padstow is becoming something of a habit. We started last year, just because we were in the area. This year, we made the effort to plan our excursion. The excitement is all about welcoming summer on

The Wind Cries Mary

We woke early to Billy doing his by now relatively familiar St. Agnes dance: shake, rattle and roll. The promised band of dark grey cloud had arrived and was, indeed, above us together with the also promised accompanying persistent rain

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

A seriously disappointing change to the weather after the thrill of seal-watching yesterday. Today began with pretty persistent rain, eventually becoming a series of frequent heavy showers accompanied later in the day by the occasional burst of hail rattling across

Sympathy for the Devil

The weather forecast was not exactly inspiring for today. There was a distinct bite to the still fast-flowing air, too, adding an unwelcome wind-chill effect. Mid morning was looking reasonably bright, though so we decided to treat ourselves to a

Play Misty for Me

Memo to self: don’t buy wild St. Agnes bunny for Paella again. An authentic Paella Valenciana requires wabbit but our particular wabbit did not wespond well to welatively wapid cooking, did it Elmer?. Personally, I’d forget shooting that blasted buck-toothed

Three Heads are Better than One

Our first full day in St. Agnes and what a brilliant morning; blue skies with a smattering of high-level wispy cloud. The wind was still present but not quite as strongly as yesterday. Judging by the weather forecast, though, things

Shake, Rattle and Roll

After a week of strenuous enjoyment based near Marazion; today we were due to move on to our second site. First, though, I had to try and fix the sink waste pipe, one joint of which had somehow managed to

Blows the Wind Southerly

Our last day near Marazion and another fair day was forecast, so we surprised ourselves a little by getting out of camp by about 9:30 AM and setting off. Our first stopping off point, by way of a little leg

St George Upstaged

St Georges Day dawned to BBC Radio Cornwall blathering on about nationality and what it means to be English, as opposed to Cornish or British. The Cornish undoubtedly have a very strong sense of identity and may now, apparently, enter


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