Billy Rolls to Rock

I think it’s fair to say that we know of no site with a better view than the Caravan Club site at St. Agnes Beacon. I think it is also fair to say that we know of no windier site than the Caravan Club site at St. Agnes Beacon. Today was the start of our third week and time to roll on to Rock. We were sad to be leaving the view but, perhaps, not so sad to be moving on to somewhere a little more sheltered, having been relatively frequently battered by the winds for the last week.

The morning was fair with broken cloud and, there being no rush, we had a final wander up to the top of St. Agnes Beacon to take in the 360 degree panorama before going over to say our farewells to Wheal Coates. On the right day, this stretch of coastline is breathtaking; we’d never tire of it. However, ‘t was time to tear ourselves away and pack up to head up to Rock; well, St. Minver Lowlands, to be precise.

Billy Rocks We’ve had almost every direction wind that it’s possible to have over the past two weeks. Today it was relatively light and in the southerly quarter again which helped us slightly on our mere 35 mile trip to Rock. We got Billy settled into his new home with ease, aided by our traditional "installation" beer or two, then had a spot of grilled asparagus with Parma ham and shaved pecorino cheese for lunch before finally using the bicycles to zip off into Rock to investigate the fish supply.

Enter the indispensable WD40; our bikes had been frequently saturated and completely unused over the past two weeks so that the chains were almost rusted to the cogs. (Memo to self: don’t bother with bikes in Cornwall again.) Fortunately, the WD40 worked its magic and freed things up sufficiently for us to arrive at Rock’s wonderful wet fish shop at about 4:00 PM just as the lady was cleaning up and trying to close early. Mercifully, she took pity on us and retrieved and filleted a couple of bright-eyed and glistening Gurnard which are destined to join a stinging nettle butter sauce, probably with a hint of garlic. Whatever I did for this gastronomic delight the first time (last year) was very successful, even if it did cause the fish shop lady’s eyebrows to fly up (subtext: stinging nettles – are you mad?). If I can somehow drag it out of the memory banks and make it work again, Gastroblog will need updating.

It’s windy again.

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