Three Heads are Better than One

Our first full day in St. Agnes and what a brilliant morning; blue skies with a smattering of high-level wispy cloud. The wind was still present but not quite as strongly as yesterday. Judging by the weather forecast, though, things are about to get worse with the word "gale" being used together with "north". Yukko! So today sounded like time to enjoy it while it lasted.

It’s but a short walk from the Caravan Club site at St. Agnes Beacon to the coastal path at Wheal Coates. Then it was decision time: south to Chapel Porth and beyond (quite a bit of descending and climbing) or north towards Trevaunance Cove (a fairly consistently high path)? We chose the latter. I think I was being driven by my stomach, as usual, ‘cos I fancied one of the local wild rabbits I’d seen in one of the St. Agnes butchers yesterday.

Mineshaft_web We dallied a little around Wheal Coates to take a few shots in the (relatively) early morning sun – "Wheal" is apparently Cornish for "mine" – before walking north up the coast. It’s as well to stick to the marked foot path to avoid tumbling down any of the abandoned mine shafts, only some of which are protected. I can’t help but be amused by the warning sign used near the shafts (see picture of poor man falling headlong down shaft hotley pursued by various rocks) though I’m sure it’s a real danger on those unprotected shafts. The route goes directly north passing Tubby’s Head, turns east at St. Agnes Head then passes Newdowns Head before descending into Trevaunance Cove where the weekend surfers were out in force. Our timing was perfect: the pub had just opened and it would have been rude not to sample their hospitality.

Now we had a climb back up into St. Agnes itself, eventually via the intriguingly named "Stippy Stappy", a steep row of cottages, to purchase the aforementioned rabbit before heading back to Billy over the Beacon, yet again, for lunch.

We need to do some more serious shopping for the weekend and, of course, find another wi-fi network. First port of call: Truro McDonalds. So, if you’re reading this, we’ve found one.

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