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Spring camping trip to Cornwall

Fixed Seals

For those of you who were kind enough to point out that I had somehow managed to mess up the thumbnail links to Carol’s two photographs of genuine in-the-wild seals during our recent trip to Cornwall (“Sympathy for the Devil”

Home, Home on the Range

Another stunningly warm morning with clear blue skies. What a time to be leaving for home but that’s the way the cookie crumbles; it was time to return so we could make preparations for our summer migration to France (or

Over the Hills and Far Away

Summer had arrived with a vengeance. A delightfully sunny morning greeted us through Billy’s sun roof. Barry and Irene had offered to show us something of Somerset’s attractions and, as we were already somewhat familiar with the Somerset levels, we

Mostly Harmless

Time to leave Rock and it wasn’t a bad morning for it – uninspiring in a dull, grey sort of way. It was dry though so a good day for travel. Travel, in this case, was to be to Taunton

Steppin’ Out

Our last day near Rock bought us another beautifully sunny morning but things were supposed to collapse a tad at some time in the afternoon. So, we decided to take the ferry across the Camel Estuary to Padstow and walk

Still Crazy after all these Years

Sun and heat – wonderful. Even the wind wasn’t blowing very forcefully. We decided to go and look at the coast around Tintagel, about 12 miles north of us. The old legs were grumbling a little so, once there, we

The Mighty Quin

(Yes, I know Manfred Mann’s Mighty Quinn has two "n"s. Read on …) At last, a dry day accompanied by relatively uninterrupted sun. Yesterday having been dry, too, the coastal path should have dried out and not be too treacherous

Misty Mountain Hop

A morning with a little local mist rising from the fields around Billy greeted us. This soon burned off, though, and we were at last starting in T-shirts with the promise of a dry, calm, largely sunny day. Some mist

Here Comes the Sun

A dull, grey and rainy start to the day was apparently going to be “clear from the west”. Sure enough, it did. I set about boning a chicken for the evening’s planned Thai green curry while Carol set off on

Fanfare for the Common Man

The morning started with the most welcome news of Gordon Brown’s bloody nose stemming from the previous day’s London mayoral elections following close on the heels of Labour’s set of recent local election defeats. Not content with single-handedly decimating peoples’


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