Home, Home on the Range

Another stunningly warm morning with clear blue skies. What a time to be leaving for home but that’s the way the cookie crumbles; it was time to return so we could make preparations for our summer migration to France (or wherever). We’d remembered how to do it after the winter lay-off and packing went smoothly. Then we extracted Billy from between his surrounding oversized American cousins and turned north on the M5 to head home.

Turning on to the M4 east, a message board announce that the A34 was closed north of Oxford. Blast! Without taking the A34 north of Oxford, we were going to be in for an extensive detour. Most radio traffic bulletins are, of course, utterly useless (or just too damn late) but we did finally manage to discover that a lorry had apparently overturned on the roundabout at the A34/M40 junction. Just how in God’s name does a lorry contrive to overturn on a roundabout? What was it, a Formula One truck out for some practice? Whatever the cause, traffic wasn’t bad so we picked our way around the ring road south of Oxford and finally got Billy back in his field after about 20 miles and half an hour extra. No big deal save for the intrigue.

After three weeks away having fun in Cornwall, we end up barbecuing in the back garden at home. A good finish.

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