Luton Express

A rude 5:45 AM alarm on Friday roused Carol from beneath the warmth of the downie and made the author stir, albeit briefly. Apparently, Carol and Rosemary left at 6:30 AM for the joyous drive (not!) to Luton airport. Actually, the airport is the best thing about Luton ‘cos it helps you leave it far behind, which is undoubtedly the best thing to do with it. I did not hear them leave. The next thing I knew was the front door opening and Carol returning to reheat my tea in the microwave. See, they do have a constructive use. This is a good trip because it completes the full set of “London” airports for us, Keith and Marlene having been remiss enough not to make any travel arrangements involving Luton. (Maybe they knew?)

After that, Carol has a two hour hair appointment – well, it is very curly – so I have a golden opportunity to do some Christmas wrapping. That goes quite well, I’ve actually managed to fill Carol’s unfeasibly large Christmas stocking, and Christmas gets a step closer.

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