Cava and Tree

On Saturday, I managed to survive what would hopefully be the last visit to Milton Keynes shopping centre this Christmas. Carol and I hit the place at 8:30 AM before the manic crowds turned up. The one part of it I was looking forward to was buying some Spanish Cava  for the celebrations. Having grabbed a half-dozen case nad waited in line for a check out, they almost seemed to be giving it away. I knew there was 20% off special for the weekend but I ended up getting 50% off. The receipt showed not only the 20% special but a 10% case discount and 20% on their original two bottles discount. Surely that couldn’t be right? What a deal! This was not an opportunity to miss so it was back round again and into line for a second case. 🙂

Waving good bye to the growing mass of humanity, we got our booty home safely and decided we still had time for our yearly ritual of getting a Christmas tree. We’re lucky enough to be able to walk through some woods at the rear of our house to collect it on foot; it’s only a distance of a few hundred yards. The selection of trees was not terrific this year but we finally chose one and seemed to get a deal on that, too. Walking back through the woods with an 8ft tree over your shoulder is tough but the ritual is mostly fun. It was even a simpler job than usual getting it fixed safely in its stand.

The evening was spent enjoying a splendid curry lovingly prepared by friends Stuart and Pamela. We returned home relatively early, though, since we were to zoom off to Stansted the following morning for Keith and Marlene’s home-coming.

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