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Combined US and British invasion of Normandy again.

Empty the House

Monday morning rush hours on the M25 are about as easy to predict as a rabid dog so a 100 mile drive to Gatwick airport from Leighton Buzzard would have required a very early start to be sure of arriving

The First Emperor

Saturday was to be our last excursion together before Keith and Marlene’s long trip back to Virginia. Carol had applied for tickets to the British Museum’s exhibition of The First Emperor and our allotted time slot was 8:20 PM. I

Meet the Stillmans

Well, not exactly meet, perhaps, since our four friends, Peter, Janet, Steve and Rosemary, who were to join us for dinner on Friday evening had already met Keith and Marlene on previous occasions. This was more like renewing old acquaintances.

Train Trouble

Wednesday was time for Carol to collect her mum from her sister’s house in Aylesbury. She was to stay with us for the night prior to being ferried to Milton Keynes railway station on Thursday for her journey home to

Rouen and Home, D-Day + 4

New Year’s Day started very murkily as we had a relatively leisurely pack in readiness for our journey home. After packing and negotiating all the various high-security exits to the apartment complex, Carol and I took a brief stroll around

Year’s End, D-Day + 3

Monday was deemed time for a break from the carnage of battle. Carol particularly had long wanted to see Le Mont-St-Michel but, since we rarely stay that far north for long, we had thus far avoided it. It’s about 100

Overlord, D-Day + 2

Sunday morning dawned beautifully clear and we decided to head back to Arromanches to resume our tour where we had left off the previous day. We wanted to cover the ground more rapidly so chose the main road out of

Market and Overlord, D-Day + 1

Saturday morning is market day in Dives-sur-Mer and the old market hall quite a reputation as an architectural attraction. No trip to France can be called complete without a raid on a local market so we planned this for our

Invasion Force 4, D-Day

Having completed an intensive wine-drinking training schedule over the past four weeks, today we carried our battle to the enemy with a direct assault on the European Wine Lake in its very heartland. We were roused at 4:45 AM for

Boxing Day

The ubiquitous “they” say that it takes visitors to make you do things that are on your own door step. That was certainly the case when it came to the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway. We have been living in


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