Not “Cider with Rosie” …

… but “Chilli with Rosemary”, to plagiarize that well-known title. Friends Rosemary and Steve had organized a weekend in Edinburgh but, as luck would have it, Steve wound up working in Edinburgh the week before. Better than not working, I suppose. (Actually, no, it’s not – ed.) Two tickets paid for; one traveller as Rosemary would be winging her way up to Edinburgh from Luton airport to join Steve. However, Rosemary is unfamiliar with Luton’s facilities so we plan a Thursday evening dinner date together so that Rosemary can stay over and Carol can ferry her to Luton airport in the AM.

The cold weather and mid-week date is a perfect excuse for a good old Chilli con Carne revival. I fancy a bit of variation however, so we go black substituting black turtle beans for the usual red kidney beans, pork for beef and throw the whole over some Nanjing Black Rice. It’s a good variation – even the normally abstemious ladies have multiple helpings – and this could become my standard chilli. Of course, it always helps when everything is washed down with some decent vino but, with those chillies, it’s best not to go overboard on quality.

One comment on “Not “Cider with Rosie” …
  1. Rosemary says:

    As the eponymous Rosie, I can report the chilli was excellent as was the hospitality and the courier service to Luton!!

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