Jaw and Finger Ache

Poor Carol had a Tuesday appointment with the dentist to get an expensive new crown fitted. Funny how one’s teeth wait until retirement to start playing up, isn’t it? She took advantage of a bright, sunny morning and bravely walked into town to keep her appointment while I bravely struck out for Milton Keynes (yet again) to continue my Christmas shopping. Upon my return all was well and, apart from a residual ache from having her jaw mauled about and generally messed with, Carol was fine and had emerged sporting a shiny new crown.

The sun continued and, since there may not be many such days at this time of year, I thought I should make the best use of it by doing a nasty external chore. Yes, it’s all caused by that darned oak tree again; the gutters needed clearing as did the conservatory roof. We like to put our Christmas tree in the conservatory so that the Christmas lights reflect in the glass walls and roof. The effect is somewhat spoiled if the roof is covered in moss and decaying oak leaves. So, it was out with the ladder and up to the gutters armed with a bucket. Bright the weather may have been but it was also very nearly freezing; there was still some ice in the water. What an enjoyable job – not! After an hour or two it was done and the conservatory now looks like a suitable home for the Christmas tree but, Lord, did my fingers ache. Maybe they were displaying solidarity with Carol’s jaw.

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