Long Overdue Update

prostate_logo I must have been having too much fun over the summer because I just realized that it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about my recovery from my radical prostatectomy. My last entry seems to have been April 16th. That’ll never do – time to correct my oversight and keep awareness high, especially as we approach Movember again. To cut a long story short, my news is all good.

Following our spring jaunt around France for a disgustingly decadent eight weeks, I went to the consultant’s clinic for my second postoperative PSA level check. Now, before the result, here’s a brief aside. Another guy  breezed in, sat beside me and, not knowing me from Adam or my current situation, starting blathering on about how wonderful his PSA results were and chirpily finishing with, “oh yes, happy days”. I could have been sitting there with a terminal condition – he didn’t know. What a complete plonker! Fortunately I wasn’t; my second result was the same as the first check, as near to zero as they can measure (0.05).

We’ve just returned from France part deux, hence my rather elongated period of silence. This trip was a mere six weeks. About a week into the trip, since my i-Pads seemed to be staying largely dry recently, I bit the bullet and decided to try a day “going commando” in a manner of speaking. I was probably also spurred on by the fact that 30°C weather gets a little warm wearing an i-Pad, so lets have it off! 😀 I wouldn’t say that I feel 100% secure but I haven’t worn one since and I haven’t yet disgraced myself (my fingers are very firmly crossed).

Ditching the i-Pads after wearing them for nine months required a leap of faith. I had tried returning from the shower block without one – i-Pads and shower cubicles do not mix well – on the earlier French trip and found that I got caught out once or twice so it made me a little leery and I had to get over my lack of confidence.

So, there it is, everything is going in the right direction. I’ll be having my next blood test, coincidentally, on the one year anniversary of my operation, December 2nd.

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4 comments on “Long Overdue Update
  1. Dennis says:

    John, this news makes me so happy. Congratulations on both fronts (big C and little c, as in continence). I’m thinking good thoughts for Dec 2nd.

  2. Carrie says:

    John – so glad that you are doing so well!! Wishing you a happy Movember and great test results next month.


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