Booted Out

We seemed to be in for an OK day in that only showers, some heavy or thundery, had been forecast. Treats! We headed for Bedruthen Steps (Carnowas) to go, “ooh, ah” at the rock formations and to walk south on the coastal path, perhaps as far as Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant at Watergate Bay – just for coffee, don’t get excited.

Not long after leaving our field, I had an uncomfortable feeling that I had not packed any walking socks but Carol said she’d seen some in my boot bag. We continued to Bedruthen and arrived under some very dark clouds. I opened the car’s boot. The car’s boot contained only two boots whereas it should have contained four boots. Only Carol actually had boots. Never mind not grabbing socks, I hadn’t even put my boots in the boot; they were still back at our field. I was firmly booted out of our coastal path walkers club.

I slipped on an old pair of trainers (without socks!) to go and have a look at Bedruthen Steps but the large black clouds soon started discharging their obviously large load of rain and we were fairly quickly very wet.

We went to have a look at Padstow instead.

This weather sucks and Mr. Forgetful wasn’t helping. 🙁

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