Frustratingly Weird

OK, for two days now I’ve had no less than six installations of WordPress 2.7 up and running, three development instances on my local machine and three live instances on the server I use. On both machines the three instances are for Traveblog, Gastroblog and my Guestbook.

The sidebar in WordPress can be built up from a series of optional so-called “widgets”; one can pick and choose them to suit one’s own blog design.  For example, one such available widget is the search widget, others include the categories widget and archives widget (see right).

In all three installations on my local machine the search widget works perfectly well. In all three installations on the web server the search widget fails to appear (again, see right – Search should be above Categories). I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the search widget, resequencing the widgets in the sidebar but all to no avail – search stubbornly refuses to put in an appearance. Neither does it matter which browser I use so I don’t believe it to be an underlying CSS issue.

It’s frustrating and I’m confused. If anyone has any constructive suggestions … 🙁

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