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Well, now we are “cooking on gas”, as they say, assuming there’s anyone left in the world that can actually afford any gas and, of course, that the darn Russkies have actually turned the supply back on again.

According to a recent blog entry by a good friend of mine, I don’t like change. That is certainly sometimes true; I refuse automatically to accept that change is always for the better. When it came to WordPress 2.6, it was absolutely true. I installed it locally and thought the admin interface was pretty bad, far more confusing and difficult to use than my previous generation of WordPress. I stuck to the old easier-to-use release.

It seems that many other folks shared my views ‘cos WordPress 2.7 looks like a major change sporting a radical reworking of the admin interface and, this time, I like it a lot. Consequently, I have just spent some time upgrading all three of my blog incarnations (Traveblog, Gastroblog and my Guestbook) to WordPress 2.7. This looks so different, I’m a little surprised that it isn’t deemed a major release and called WordPress 3.0!

As the man said, it went very smoothly. It also seems to be lightening fast. 🙂

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2 comments on “WordPress 2.7
  1. Rosemary says:

    You don’t think that perhaps you, and you know who, are getting just a tad sad?!

    • JC says:

      Well, we’ve known that you-know-who is a sad puppy for a very long time. Anyone who gets excited about running the vi Unix (so-called) editor from anywhere is sad, let alone from his new mobile phone using ptty, for God’s sake. At least upgrading WordPress kept me in out of the cold. 🙂

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