Spare Wars Episode VI: The Empire Strikes Back

After a week or so, customer Skywalker eventually heard back from Mr Stormtrooper representing the empire, i.e. He had been good to his word and had “further information” for me. I could, of course, have guessed pretty much what the bottom line of the “further information” would be but it’s good to have ones suspicions confirmed.

… in regards to the heavy duty towing kit not being available on the 180 SE Tech, I have spoken with our production team and they have confirmed that a business decision was made not to make this model variation available.

Quelle surprise!

Well, I’d guessed that some of these decisions might be somewhat arbitrary and here we have it in black and white. To paraphrase: “we know how to rip out the 5+2 seating and put in a full sized spare wheel but we refuse to do it on 2 out of 4 model variations.”

Clearly Land Rover is now firmly positioned in the Chelsea Tractor market for ferrying Satan’s Little Disciples to and from school. Why else would you want a 7-seater with no luggage capacity?

This has definitely been an f…ing experience – both fascinating and frustrating. [Well, what on earth did you think I meant?]

There is not going to be an Episode VII.

3 comments on “Spare Wars Episode VI: The Empire Strikes Back
  1. Carol Curd Timothy says:

    John and Carol,

    I just happened across your website and I was intrigued by our same names. My grandfather was from the UK. His name was Edward Cuŕd. Could be a connection or not. If you are curious, please respond thru my email address:
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Carol Curd Timothy

  2. Dr Phil says:

    Just trying to sort out a Landie Disc Sport purchase – they (LR) have brought out a Special Edition Pure – great fits the budget – but you cant order a spare wheel (full size or space saver) with it – but you can on the SE SE tech etc – why not? Dealer 1 says not a problem will order as an accessory £500 – hey its £160 if ordered with the SE – thats inflation!.So go to LR advice – are they refer to dealer -sound similar! so gone back again and still no reply.They can build an SE with a spare wheel but not Special Edition Pure? Simple edition to the production line or too complicated???

    • JC says:

      A tardy reply, for which I apologise.

      Yes, I’m convinced that Land Rover has forgotten what it was. We are now firmly in the realms of Chelsea Tractor. The Evoke is probably the ultimate Chelsea Tractor – no spare wheel of any description possible – inflation kit only. On top of that, they really are being very high-handed about what you can and cannot purchase. It appears to have a “bugger the customer” culture, now. It’s sad because they have some otherwise very nicely designed cars.

      In the case of my original requirementslower spec (no full length sunroof) body, 180PS engine, 5 seats, full size spare), I think I now know how I could’ve got what I wanted: order an SE Tech 150PS with its cheap full sized spare option, then get the car chipped up to 180PS. The engines are the same 2-litre mmill but for the management chip, I suspect. An irritating expense to have to go to but I’d’ve ended up with what I wanted.

      Or there’s always a Landcruiser. 😀

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