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Winter Continues Apace

So, here we are just three days away rom the beginning of British Summertime and there’s still snow lying on the ground. What a wonderful country we live in. As usual, I’ve been desperately trying to think of some advantages

‘S No Movement

With a positive attitude, this afternoon I drove the 10 miles to Billy’s field intent on getting him out and delivering him for his final warranty service tomorrow. A sinking feeling began to take hold as I approached, the bushes

‘S No Guarantee

In my naïveté, when we placed our order for our caravan, Billy, and the dealer said one would be available for delivery in February, I was quite pleased. “Great”, I thought, “we’ll be ready to start enjoying it when spring

What a Corker!

In the world that we’ve created, it seems all too common that we feel the need to write about some event or occurrence that was, shall we say “sub-optimal” [to quote some painful management mumbo-jumbo]. It is too easy to

An Attack of Thrush

We are blessed with a splendid array of woodland birds in our garden, largely because our garden backs onto a broad-leafed, silver birches being prominent with the occasional beech and oak. Though we are very keen to feed and observe

First Time Visitor

So, here we are in grips of a proper winter again; by proper, I mean one involving noticeable amounts of snow. We have now been in our current house for 25 years and, for the great majority of those winters,

A Rare Day in London

A rare day for me, that is. Many years ago whilst at work, a friend and colleague noted that I seemed to prefer animals to people. With the single notable exception of dogs, she was pretty much right on the

Garden Visitors

After all my tearing about over England and further flung parts of Europe in search of Odonata, this year we’ve been honoured and lucky enough to have been visited by a few  in our very own back garden. This is

Colourful Characters

Sorting out pictures from summer trips can be a useful pastime for otherwise dull winter days and evenings. In that respect, it is a benefit to have the task to do. The downside is that remembering detail from summer trips

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Nouvelle Année, Nouveau Guide des Papillons

Aeons ago, at about the time that the eminent Charles Darwin was thinking that a trip around the world studying wildlife might be a jolly neat idea, I bought a copy of A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain


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