Train Trouble

Wednesday was time for Carol to collect her mum from her sister’s house in Aylesbury. She was to stay with us for the night prior to being ferried to Milton Keynes railway station on Thursday for her journey home to Auchinleck in Scotland. All went well – initially. I returned from a shopping trip to find our house being turned upside down for an apparently missing train ticket. It turned out that the aforementioned ticket was still pretending to be a book mark back in Aylesbury. Bad ticket! What a nice day for a second round trip to Aylesbury to retrieve said ticket.

Having retrieved the ticket it seemed that Thursday rail travel on the necessary line was out of the question due to some over-running engineering works on the line by Rail Track. Bad Rail Track! We were to have an extra house guest for a few days. Full House. We decided that Carol’s mum should stick around over the weekend while any back log of passengers was cleared so she would eventually get a calmer trip back home.

Next problem – not enough of the daily medications necessary for the extended stay. This was relatively simply fixed by a trip to our local General Practitioner, fortunately. Well done Carol.   Good Doctor!

Drinks needed!

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