Meet the Stillmans

Well, not exactly meet, perhaps, since our four friends, Peter, Janet, Steve and Rosemary, who were to join us for dinner on Friday evening had already met Keith and Marlene on previous occasions. This was more like renewing old acquaintances. The originally planned dinner for eight had become dinner for nine with the addition of Carol’s stranded mother. Seating would be a challenge and very cozy. However, neighbour Paul came to the rescue by supplying a few more dining chairs.

Carol came up with the bright idea of making a massive lasagna Bolgnese so my afternoon was dictated by the need to be tied to the cooker for four hours cooking it. We’d start with a selection of ante pasta dishes (cold meat components delicately rolled by Marlene), most of which required little or no preparation and, to make it a truly international affair, finish with another of those American diabetes-inducing sugar-injections called pecan pie a la Keith, baked in a case of Carol’s excellent pastry.

Having seemingly involved almost everyone within striking distance, it all came together as planned and we had what seemed to be a long and sociable evening polishing off everybody’s culinary efforts and, of course, washing it all down with further extracts from our now familiar wine lake.

What a team effort.

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