The Lisa Effect

As reported in a previous Traveblog posting (Fiscal Freeze), whenever we try to get together with Carol’s niece, LIsa, and family, snow tends to happen causing the required 100-mile(ish) drive to get questioned.

Carol’s normal pastime on a Wednesday (when we’re at home) is to go doing good works as a volunteer for the Greensand Trust. This Wednesday however, her usual activity has been put on hold because of a planned visit by Carol’s niece, Lisa. So, what do we wake up to this morning? Exactly, you guessed it: snow. OK, it’s not actually snowing now but some fell over night and a sprinkling remains on the grass and on our conservatory roof. The neighbourhood wheelie bins are standing at the roadside ready for collection and they look quite festive, too, with their tiny white caps of snow. It’s not even November, for Lord’s sake. We’re not even past that most horrendous of American imports, Halloween, yet.

The Lisa Effect is absolutely uncanny.

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