Meerkats on Parade

Most unusually, we returned from California to a rare spell of sunny days in the UK. What a welcome change that was for a return. Anxious to increase the doses of sunlight received by our pineal glands in an effort to recover from the accursed jet lag, we broke retirement rule #1 (Don’t play tourist at weekends) on Saturday and popped off to Whipsnade Zoo for a wander around the inmates.

We were delighted to discover that Whipsnade had recently installed some very photogenic meerkats to add to their usual suspects. They are great value and very entertaining and, for once, the observation point has been placed sensibly in relation to the direction of the sun. Whoever designed the so-called “Lions of the Serengeti” enclosure should be thrown to its inhabitants, damn it, but I digress …

So, following hot on the heels our 2008 California pictures, a few cute meerkat pictures, together with a couple of some other inmates, can now be found in our Stop Press photo album.

2 comments on “Meerkats on Parade
  1. Stop Press link is not working for me.

  2. JC says:

    Thank you – I’ve fixed it. Silly me, I’d linked to my local server version of the web site in the blog posting instead of to the live web site. 😐

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