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Distractions offered by Whipsnade Zoo

Genealogy Widower

On Tuesday Carol cleared off with her sister to rummage around looking for some dusty documents at The National Archive so yours truly was left to amuse himself. It turned out to be a better day than advertized; no thundery

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Watery Whipsnade

We’ve been enjoying an uncharacteristically sunny interlude for about the last week and, even though it was a weekend and was likely to be swarming with rugrats, our friends at Whipsnade Zoo beckoned. This was in part encouraged by the

[First of all, a couple of apologies. Apology #1 goes to any English readers for the Americanization of "mom" in the title caused by my needing a little URL poetic license. Apology #2 goes to non-British TV viewers who will

Meerkats on Parade

Most unusually, we returned from California to a rare spell of sunny days in the UK. What a welcome change that was for a return. Anxious to increase the doses of sunlight received by our pineal glands in an effort

It Seems to Work

‘T was a good day with some sun and the occasional cloud so we decided to go and use our Whipsnade Zoo season tickets and see if the animals would cooperate for the new camera. Whipsnade also has a brand


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