Virtual Tourists and PCs

On Sunday morning I used Google Earth to correct and expand my scant geographical knowledge. Our education began just before Keith and Marlene left. We knew their trip began in Vienna, ended in Prague, and went along the Danube but, wait a moment – Prague is on the Moldau (a.k.a. Vltava as in Má Vlast by Bedřich Smetana), isn’t it? Yes; they apparently float west up the Danube from Vienna to Nuremberg, then get bussed back east to Prague. I thought Prague would be east of Vienna whereas it’s north. I think I’d been confusing Prague and Budapest. Doh! Now I’d got that straight, we did their trip, albeit in reverse, on Google Earth and the clarity, detail and colours are quite staggering; boats, locks, weirs, marinas all crystal clear. The “beautiful blue Danube” actually does look blue. I must show them when they return.

However, Sunday soon descended into the dismally wet pattern established by Saturday, so we took the opportunity to do some PC maintenance. Having been given a wake-up call by Carol’s lap top crash on Friday, I made fresh back ups of all the data on my desk top PC. It’d been over a year since I did it (spot the former computer professional). Meanwhile, Carol used her recovery disk to restore and rebuild her lap top. We really had no idea what caused the cataclysmic crash (it wouldn’t boot as a result) and were a bit concerned that their might be an underlying hardware failure but eventually it staggered back into life and so far so good – I’m writing this on it now.

Well, what else are you going to do on a wet Sunday?

3 comments on “Virtual Tourists and PCs
  1. Rosemary says:

    I’d like to see that journey cos I am really sketchy over such countries and places.
    Do you do off site backups? That’s our current debate at home.

  2. JC says:

    Off site? We hardly even do backups! You can tell we were professionals, can’t you? Some phrase about cobbler’s children springs to mind. I did have a backup from a little over eighteen months ago but that’s hardly sufficient. What would really be nice is to backup the entire system so that a complete rebuild could be done, including all the added applications, instead of a re-install of everything.

  3. Barry & Irene says:

    John & Carol
    Superb photos – far better than my Box Brownie even if mine is electric!


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