Heathrow Express

Keith and Marlene’s tour of London airports was to continue on Saturday morning with an 8:00 AM trip to Heathrow to begin their Danube cruise from Vienna. At 7:00 AM the house was a little more subdued than normal as the wisdom was questioned of the previous evening’s an attack on the European wine lake. The carnage in the kitchen revealed that the vanguard French Picpoul de Pinet troops suffered almost debilitating casualties (4) with losses also to the Italian Pinot Grigio (1), Spanish Cava (1) and related Chilean Carmenere (1) divisions. One officer of the Port battalion was critically but not fatally wounded and stretchered from the field of battle.

After various medicinal doses of coffee, tea or, in Marlene’s case, straight Pepsi, the trip to Heathrow was blissfully uneventful and we arrived at Terminal 4 by about 9:00 AM for the 10:50 AM flight to Vienna. It had started raining on the way down and that was set to continue and increase in intensity as the day progressed. I hoped the weather in Vienna would be better but the forecast didn’t look good.

While Carol was out Christmas shopping with her sister, the rest of the day was spent inside sheltering from the rain and investigating what appeared to be a fatal condition which befell Carol’s lap top PC the previous day (a missing “hal.dll” file that stops booting dead in its tracks). We suspected that a re-install would be necessary and hoped that a damaged hard drive was not the cause of the problem.

The house feels strangely empty.

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