Verdi Vent

Cloud? Yes, cloud greeted us this morning after only a single disturbance from the hounds next door. Nothing came of it, though, and we’ve had a dry day albeit with a cool start. Several of the plants in the garden are looking decidedly the worse for wear following the frosty nights that we’ve had.

The main event today would be lunch at a restaurant called Verdi Vent (which sounds to me as though it should mean “green wind” though I can’t find any such reference in a dictionary). Our back up house-sitters, Jim and Hazel, planned to collect us at 1:00m PM and take us to sample the delights at this favourite local  watering hole on the road up to the Bernia. Our table for four started off with 2 litres of vino tinto with refills available as needed. (Need? That sounds like alcoholism.) A marinated mushroom appetizer was followed by a cauldron of soup large enough for the Guards Armoured Division, some salad, and then the main event, a small shoulder of lamb (each), for which they seem to be justly well known. There was another choice (this is the only choice you get to make) but it had to be the lamb. Crepe Suzette with a couple of coffees and brandies made for a very relaxed feeling and end to the afternoon.

This evening, all that will be needed is a log fire to accompany the bread that we purchased this morning in town along with some Serrano and Manchego washed down with a little of our remaining rosado, of course.

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