Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Caninicide should be legalized – and if that isn’t a word, I just coined it. In fact, where Spain is concerned, it should probably be subsidized as a public service. That horrendous mut next door was at it again last night on several occasions. Actually, considering that the darn dogs seem to remain tied to a tree 100% of the time, offing them would probably be the kindest thing to do.

Dogs apart, it was another cold but totally clear morning and, after the sun had worked a little magic, we had a pleasant saunter into town with el perrito to get some bread for lunch and another couple of litres of dry rosado to keep us going. You have to love a country where the local cooperativo is open on a Sunday even though most other things are closed. For some very drinkable hooch, they charge the princely sum of 1 Euro per litre. That’s what I call getting the priorities straight.

After lunch, the afternoon was spent reading in the sun on the veranda; not a cloud in sight all day. Now, with the sun sinking, the temperature is following suit and we are retreating into the house to get the log fire going. Then it will be time to start the chicken tagine.

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