“I know nothing”

There seemed to be no rush to get up since this morning was a tad overcast. That changed, however, when two men turned up and began gesticulating at Carol through the fence. (Unfortunately for them, Carol had just finished dressing.) Since Carol speaks no Spanish and they speak no English, a game of charades ensues. They appeared to be miming “taking a shower” and “opening and closing a door”. Carol, being razor sharp and having heard a partial story from Yvonne, figures out that they have arrived to fit shower doors (there are currently only shower curtains).

I finish my shower and quickly get dressed. One man, the boss, disappears and the remaining man wants to know “donde?” – where are the doors to go? There are three showers in the house but only two doors. Help! “I know nothing.” Fortunately we manage to enlist the help of a neighbour who speaks a variety of languages including Spanish and English. A phone call back to the boss establishes which two showers are to be the lucky recipients of new shower doors.

Having finished lunch, another man arrives who, in reasonable English, declares his intention to plough Chris’s orchard. He asks me to unlock the gate while he returns to fetch the tractor. That’s easier – until, that is, he wants to know if any plants are to be left unharmed. Arghh! “I know nothing.” Well, nearly nothing. I know he wants the fruit trees but it seems there are some ropey looking cabbagey things and a few oniony-looking items. You can tell that I’m a keen gardener. Time for a management decision – plough them up. Carol agrees but we’ll have to wait ’til Saturday to find out.

It was all a bit Fawlty Towers; somehow, Manuel kept springing to mind.

2 comments on ““I know nothing”
  1. Elrond says:

    The stressful decisions that have to be made by the retired:) Now you may not know about gardening, but you do know about cooking and raw ingredients, you recognised Onions. How about Onion soup for the rest of the week.

    Oh and what a sad person you are, playing around with your blog options when away on holiday. Ooops I just realised, life is one long holiday now. Probably will be for me soon, as I sit at home (in the cold) filling in my time developing my own sites. I have just integrated Google maps into my directory. Fantastic.

  2. JC says:

    I must say, I’d rather investigate the blog options on a reasonable line. This line responds as if there is a phone connection that does not have an ADSL filter attached. I’m suspicious of the monitored alarm system though, in England, they’d never put that on the regular house phone line (‘cos it can be jammed).

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