Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

Lord, we know how to entertain guests. Yesterday was washing the caravan and storing it for the winter, today was leaf clearing and seeing the sights of a real British Tidy Tip (sorry, Household Waste Recycling Centre). That darned oak tree next door is really beginning to drop its leaves now and I was afraid that, if I didn’t clear the box gutter while it was dry, I’d get damp problems when it rained heavily. After taking a load of leaves that Carol had bagged to the tip, I got the gutter done and Keith helped me bag up the mess I’d made. To repay him, I took him to the tip a second time. Keith being a train enthusiast, I also remembered to show him our local narrow gauge railway on the way back home.

Carol took Marlene food shopping again and we turned her and Keith loose in our kitchen. They did very well with strange ingredients, strange equipment and even stranger hosts.

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