A Blanket for Billy

Monday dawned bright and sunny and there was a job I needed to do that required dry weather: I had bought a caravan cover that needed installing but before that could happen, our caravan (Billy Bailey) would first need cleaning. So, while Carol took Marlene to sample the delights of Christmas shopping at Milton Keynes, Keith helped me collect and wash the caravan. If you think washing a car is bad, you should try washing a caravan. Keith was a great assistant, though, and made life much simpler; so much so that I’ll never want to do it without his help again.

Billy’s smart new blanketShortly after we finished, the ladies returned and, after a bite of lunch, we all went mob-handed to put Billy to bed for the winter and learn how to fit a 5.5 metre long, 2.4 metre high caravan cover. It ain’t easy! We eventually got it done, though, and Billy looks as cozy as it’s possible to be in a field beneath a filthy oak tree. I suppose that, with practice, it may get easier but I have no idea how Carol and I will manage it on future occasions without Keith and Marlene’s invaluable help.

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