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Off-Piste to Old Harry

First full day in Dorset and a large amount of blue sky – my favourite colour! There was also quite a large amount of north-easterly wind keeping the temperature down but it looked like a fine day for walking. When

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East Sussex Exploration

Every year some plonker or other crawls out of the wood work and proclaims that “we’re going to have a wonderful summer” or some such. This year was no exception – “we’re going to have a wonderful June”. Well, it’s

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Corfu Trail Album

The only bright side to the darn weather that we are currently suffering is that the rain and cold make it appealing to stay indoors for a couple of days processing digital photographs and building a web album. As a

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Memories from the Corfu Trail

Well, we’re back home, though neither of us is particularly happy about that given the weather to which we’ve returned. It seems that England had some good weather while we were away but it collapsed to give us our normal

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In Search of Sun

Our recently completed trip to Devon and Cornwall started with good weather and ended with good weather but the two weeks in between left a lot to be desired. We did manage to do a reasonable amount of walking up

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Unrelated Ramblings

Three sunny days in a row, what was going on? Sunny as it may have been, today was Carol’s last chance to visit the Exeter records office and investigate not one but TWO other peoples’ families. So, at 8:30 AM

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