In Search of Sun

Our recently completed trip to Devon and Cornwall started with good weather and ended with good weather but the two weeks in between left a lot to be desired. We did manage to do a reasonable amount of walking up and down the coastal paths but there almost always seemed to be something of a meteorological threat lurking above us.

For our next entertainment, we had our ferry crossing booked on Sunday 24th May for our traditional early summer dose of France. The weather in France for the current week was not looking encouraging, it being wetter than here if anything, and we were not overjoyed at the prospect of further meteorological upsets to our outdoor activities. We are ready for some sun. So we have been looking for some hopefully more reliable alternatives. Our ferry crossings have been put off until late summer. That in no way guarantees any better weather but, if we can get something decent in between time, then we won’t feel as disgruntled.

The Greek islands have been beckoning and there is a relatively new long-distance footpath running the length of the island of Corfu which we’ve been considering for a couple of years. It would be a relatively challenging walk, covering about 220 kms with a few significant climbs and descents but now would be good timing given our recent training exercise in Devon and Cornwall. Also, since nobody is getting any younger, if we really wanted to take this on, sooner would be better than later.

Explore! runs a two-week trip to complete the trek with 11 days of walking and, as luck would have it, there were just two places remaining for their 23rd May departure. All was not entirely wonderful ‘cos they informed us that there was now a thumping great £269 supplement per person to use their scheduled flights (London Stansted – Athens – Corfu). A huge supplement for the honour of flying from Stansted which, let’s face it, sucks.

We debated, decided against it and declined. Then we felt disappointed and that we’d cheated ourselves out of something of an ambition. Grump! Enter easyJet with a daily London Gatwick flight to Corfu direct. Other than a revolting departure time of 05:55 AM, which would mean checking in around 04:30 AM, the price was right, especially if we went a day early, gained some leeway and had an extra night in Corfu town.

We’re booked. We’ll need to figure out the Gatwick early morning (or is it late night?) connection and we’ll need a room in Corfu town but we’re booked. 🙂

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