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Own Goal

Yet another wet morning. We certainly have not been lucky with the weather. The most sun we saw was last Sunday on the day we arrived. Wednesday was reasonable, i.e. dry, but it wasn’t what I’d call great. Nonetheless we

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Mountain Procession

Yet more rain was forecast for later in the day but the morning was relatively pleasant so Carol and I dragged ourselves out for a long-awaited walk. Yesterday would have been good, too, but our extravagant birthday lunch took priority.

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Feliz Cumpleaños

You can’t often buy spring onions/scallions in Spain (other than at Brit stores like Iceland). Yours truly had been volunteered to cook Shrimp Etouffée tomorrow evening so we all had an excursion to Teulada market to make a start on

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Shrove Curry

Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, pancake day. 57 years ago Shrove Tuesday was 17th, my birthday. According to my mother, I narrowly avoided being christened “Pancake”. Good Darwin, being saddled with Curd at school was bad enough; can you imagine the

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Well-travelled Celery

Having arrived in Spain yesterday to substantial sunshine, albeit with clouds shrouding some of the higher hills, today dawned with clouds on the deck and a constant dripping of rain. It was expected to remain all day. With temperatures hovering

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Stressed Systems

A 4:00 AM alarm woke us for a 5:00 AM departure to “London, Luton” airport. Paul, our neighbour and Spain specialist, very kindly drove us to the airport. Since we last flew with easyJet, they have introduced the facility for

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