Feliz Cumpleaños

You can’t often buy spring onions/scallions in Spain (other than at Brit stores like Iceland). Yours truly had been volunteered to cook Shrimp Etouffée tomorrow evening so we all had an excursion to Teulada market to make a start on my ingredients list, which included spring onions. Chris had warned me about things which looked a lot like spring onions but which are, in fact, garlic sprouts. Spanish markets have great vegetable stalls, assuming that you don’t want spring onions, and I was in seventh heaven wandering up and down looking. Sure enough, there were long fine green and white things masquerading as spring onions. I sniffed them and couldn’t resist buying some. Surely these garlic sprouts would compliment large prawns very well. We returned calling in to a supermarket in Benissa for an unfeasibly large (2Kg) box of frozen prawns. All set for tomorrow.

Together with Chris & Yvonne, we had a date for a birthday lunch with a couple of other friends in the valley, Jim & Hazel. We were to meet them at 1:30 PM at the cooperativa in Parcent, just a few miles away up the valley. The place was heaving but we settled in and ordered our menu del día. I really don’t know how they do this: two courses including half a bottle of the local hooch and a cup of coffee for 7.00€. Do we know how to push the boat out or what? I was beginning to feel like a retired expat, quite large amounts of whom seem to spend a large amount of their week living like this. Still, it was most enjoyable and, as a birthday party, fitted the bill perfectly well.

The day was dry and fine, as advertized, and Carol and I finished off by walking off our extravagant lunch taking el perrito, Scamp, through the vineyards across to Lliber for a coffee – us that is, not Scamp; he doesn’t drink coffee. 🙂

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