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Yet another wet morning. We certainly have not been lucky with the weather. The most sun we saw was last Sunday on the day we arrived. Wednesday was reasonable, i.e. dry, but it wasn’t what I’d call great. Nonetheless we are away from home and in good company and are enjoying being here.

Chris and Yvonne have put their house on the market. We don’t want them to sell it. However, while the rain was falling and three of our number were engaged in another jigsaw puzzle, the phone rang. It was an estate agent arranging a viewing at 2:00 PM. Carol and I decided to go and grab some tapas so as not to be in the way.

Chris sent us to Eusebio’s in Benissa, not an international footballer but in Chris’s opinion one of the better places around for tapas. We found somewhere to park that didn’t look illegal and set off to the restaurant. It was 2:00 PM. We were ushered through to an otherwise empty, plush-looking back room. Sitting at the bar looked more appealing but this is Spain and the day is shifted right by several hours. Shortly, other folks joined us, the room began filling and stopped feeling so impersonal. We chose a few things from the tapas menu including chiparones (baby squid), albondigas (meat balls) and pulpo (octopus). Everything was very good … except the very last dish: the octopus. The octopus wasn’t a bad taste, it was no taste at all – completely and utterly without flavour. What is it with this trip and octopus? This is the second time our choice of pulpo has backfired.

So, if two things could improve in the coming week we’d be even happier than we are: the weather and the octopus.

Chris and Yvonne’s house didn’t sell today. Phew!

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