Year of the Jigsaw

Tessa & Robin, Selina and partner all left yesterday followed by Mike and LInda this morning. Having got as far as Swindon, Mike and Linda reported reasonable conditions so it seems as though Devon and Cornwall may have been singled out for special meteorological attention. There can’t be much water left in the Atlantic ‘cos most of it has been dumped around us over the last few days. A hardcore of four of us remain.

I know that the Chinese have the Year of the Cat (cue Al Stewart), the Year of the Tiger and the years of various other interesting creatures but I don’t believe that they have the Year of the Jigsaw. They should have – and this should be it. Recently we spent an enjoyable though rather wetter than anticipated two weeks in Spain during the first week of which Carol spent much time solving jigsaw puzzles in the company of our hosts while outside the rain fell. Now, here we are in Devon celebrating Rosemary’s 60th and the vindictive god of meteorology is chucking rain at us again. It rained throughout last night and is still raining today We have now had rain four and a half days out of the six that we have thus far been here. Once again a jigsaw puzzle is maintaining the sanity of three of the remaining four weather prisoners.

Since there is little else happening today, here’s a few further pictures of our accommodation:

IMG_5604_Wortham_Manor IMG_5579_Muddy_parking_arrangements IMG_4569_Baronial_Birthday_Bedroom IMG_4570_Baronial_Lounge_1 IMG_4565_Baronial_Scullery_Jigsaws

On the brighter side, this tiresome weather does enable one to catch up on one’s blogging. 😉

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