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Swallow Tales

We’re getting there – we’ve nearly waded through all our outstanding photographs from both our recent French trip and from the wedding we attended a week after returning. At least now the photographs are not on real film, I didn’t

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The Harsher Side of Nature

We are both a little snowed under with digital images at the moment. One week after returning from a seven week trip around France, we went to a friend’s wedding and banged off several hundred more photos. Consequently, it is

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Odonata Party

Odonata is the order of insects that includes the dragonflies and damselflies. Today, while Carol was off meeting her genealogical pals, I went off to meet some of my insect pals. Another chap wandered in flashing a new Canon EOS

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Insect Album

Due to popular demand I received a suggestion that I group together some of our insect photographs, mainly butterflies recently featured in this blog, to form a composite Insects photograph album. Since I was considering doing exactly that, I’ve done

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More Insects

Sunday was a day for recovering after the excesses of Saturday night entertaining so we were taking it easy. The sun deigned to put in another appearance (Saturday was good, too) and I thought things were a little too laid

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Sandhouse Lane Revisited

On Friday Carol was off playing with her mother and I was left at home to amuse myself. So, after I’d finished my chores, I took myself on another hunting expedition, armed only with a camera, to Sandhouse Lane Nature

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Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve

On Sunday, Carol introduced me to one of the sites that she and her colleagues at the Greensand Trust look after, the Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve. The reserve is a relatively small area surrounding a disused sand pit and is

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Interlude de France

During this final week of the Tour de France, ITV4 has scheduled several additional days of live coverage on their main channel, as opposed to screening it via the interactive system (the “red button”). This is a mixed blessing. The

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Chasing Cleopatra

It’s a rainy day that would have been perfect for watching the lads race over a few hills in the Tour de France. However, what with one thing and another, I’ve been out most of the day and missed them.

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