What a Corker!

In the world that we’ve created, it seems all too common that we feel the need to write about some event or occurrence that was, shall we say “sub-optimal” [to quote some painful management mumbo-jumbo]. It is too easy to overlook praise, where it is due. The following, therefore, makes a very pleasant change.

Last week when we were going through the checkout at our local Morrison’s supermarket, we were presented with a discount voucher. The voucher was for £10 off an Internet order of wine, costing £30 or more, from Morrisons Cellar. The words wine and discount instantly made me take notice, though I assumed that there might be some hidden gotcha – delivery charges might dull my assumed pleasure, for example. Once back at home and with the unpacking and storing away to do, I forgot about it.

On Monday, I came across our voucher and, for want of something better to do, I dived onto the good ol’ InterWeb thingy to check out Morrisons Cellar. Right at the top of the page I spotted the appealing phrase, “FREE STANDARD DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS” [and yes, it was in caps]. The phrase was linked and read:

Whatever size case you choose, whether it is a case of 6 or 12 you go for, we will deliver to your home or office, wherever you like in the UK, and delivery is free for all our wine. For full delivery or return information click here.

“Standard Delivery” was defined as 3-5 days, which is not unusual and follows good ol’ Amazon’s lead. We had no great plans for the week ahead so 3-5 days would be fine. I still couldn’t find a gotcha.

I rummaged around in Morrisons Cellar for mixed cases and found several of them “out of stock”, but I eventually settled on one that was in stock and that seemed worth trying [Fresh New Year Dozen: £66.00]. I applied our voucher code and the price came down to £56.00 with no delivery charge showing up. I went ahead and placed my order.

I received a confirmation email almost immediately.

Late that afternoon I received a text message that our order had been passed on to the courier service (Yodel, I think). “Excellent”, I thought; “it should, indeed be here in a few days.”

At 10:15 the following morning a van parked outside and our wine was walked down to our door. This was less than 24 hours since I placed the order.

“Stunned” may be going a bit too far but I was certainly surprised – very pleasantly so.

I’d never heard of Morrisons Cellar before so this may be a new operation in its honeymoon period but nonetheless.

One other thing is worthy of note. My chosen mixed case (which I notice has now joined those that are “out of stock”), has thus-far proved to contain quite lightweight, very drinkable wine. I have personally been “suffering” recently from wines, particularly red wines, that seem to be in competition with each other to increase their alcohol content and jamminess to such a point that they get somewhat overpowering and/or cloying. These days, 13% alcohol is on the low side of normal with 14% being not unusual. I remember reading years ago that a Chateauneuf-du-Pape had to be at least 12.5% in order to bear the name; 12.5% was like its badge of office. Nowadays, 12.5% is low. Where are the 11% and 12% easy going, quaffing wines hiding?

Well, some, at least, are in this (sadly now out of stock) case.

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