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House-cat-and-dog-sitting in Spain

Bully for Billy

After what can only be described as an eventful trip to Spain house-dog-and-cat-sitting over Christmas and New Year, it was finally time to return to the UK. Geoff and Pam’s house is in a stunning position with views up the

The Menagerie

[Oops, I forgot to post this one.] House, dog and cat sitting duties came to an end with Geoff and Pam’s return yesterday, despite the technological trauma of automatically locking car doors during the airport run. Today, the rightful owners

Automotive Panic

More rain today. It didn’t really matter ‘cos we were off to Valencia airport after a few chores to collect Geoff and Pam on their return trip from Australia via England. Their flight was due at 3:15 PM so, allowing

Villajoyosa/La Vila Joiosa Part 2

Today was absolute pants again vis-a-vis the weather. The Locals are, we are told, saying that this is the worst winter for 40 years. Apparently, though, they tend to relate everything to a 40-year period. It didn’t particularly matter because

Villajoyosa/La Vila Joiosa

Sun! Since Christmas week, we seem to be getting one sunny day a week and it looks like this is it for this week. We made the most of it with a visit, about 30 minutes down the autopista,  to


Directions and road signs in this part of Spain can be mightily confusing to those unaware of the two conflicting languages. The first-time visitor could easily drive around for some time looking for signs to Javea (pronounced with a guttural

The Three Kings

We three kings of orient are, Bearing gifts we traverse afar, Field and fountain, moor and mountain, Following yonder star. (He remembered, carefully avoiding any schoolboy smutty alternative lyrics.) Along with Santa, many houses in Spain over the “holiday period”

Spanish Monsoon

I’ve heard of a Spanish Festoon – it’s a splendidly colourful butterfly. Unfortunately, I’ve never actually managed to see a Spanish Festoon so sighting one remains an ambition. I haven’t ever heard of a Spanish Monsoon but we seem to

Cheated Again

Under slowly gathering clouds, we bravely drove out of the valley thinking that we might take a trip down the coast. However, once we actually left the valley it became apparent that elsewhere the clouds had already completed their gathering.

Fishy Goings On

The morning dawned in an unpromising fashion but we thought we’d pop into Denia anyway to see if we could discover any details about their Three Kings celebrations on Monday. After a little difficulty parking, we fortuitously stumbled across the


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