Villajoyosa/La Vila Joiosa Part 2

Blue juxtaposed with salmon, perhaps?This may be some form of pink? Today was absolute pants again vis-a-vis the weather. The Locals are, we are told, saying that this is the worst winter for 40 years. Apparently, though, they tend to relate everything to a 40-year period. It didn’t particularly matter because we had a few cleaning and tidying chores to do in preparation for the owners’ return tomorrow.

So, to brighten an otherwise sunless day, I thought I’d post a few more pictures from Villajoyosa to show some of the more inventive colours on show.

Two-tone blue Neapolitan pizzeriasThe day did end on a bright note, albeit in the rain: we had a splendid evening with Chris, Yvonne and, of course, Scamp (el perrito), complete with Chris’s famous seafood pasta. And very good it was, too. 🙂

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