Weather Watch

We’d been invited up to the farm house yesterday evening for wine and homemade pate, and very good it was, too. Luc now has publicly accessible Wi-Fi which I wanted to put through its paces so I spent much of the morning writing blog entries for our three preceding days so that we had something to post. Then we were back off to the farm house veranda to connect. Luc brought us another glass of wine while we sat there surfing. What a charming host and what a pleasant change from a McEspresso. Hic!

Billy's slice of heaven We were approaching penultimate weekend and thinking about making a decision about location for our last week. We’d like to stay here in Billy’s paradise if the weather holds and assuming no more groups of enfants terribles arrive so we went in search of supplies and an Aujourd’hui for some weather forecasts. Unfortunately things were looking a bit damp for the next couple of days over the area of the Pyrenees. We’re a bit close to the Pyrenees so, in our usual fashion, indecision took hold. Slightly further north looked like a safer bet and we considered heading for the west coast but eventually, since we love it here, we decided to stay and see what tomorrow brings.

A bit if a lazy day, really, but then we are on holiday.

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