Luc’s Long Walk

Another sunny day dawned and it looked as though things could get quite warm later so we set out fairly early on farmer Luc’s longer walk before, about 10mls/16kms, before things got uncomfortably warm for walking uphill. When I say early, I mean 11:00 AM which is quite early enough for retired folks on vacation. 🙂 There was a very pleasant cooling breeze and we spent a most enjoyable three hours sauntering along collecting walnuts which had fallen to the ground as we went. We also managed to grab a bit of instant energy harvesting a few wild figs about half way around.

We returned to find that our personal nature reserve was no longer personal. Someone else had arrived and booked in. The cheek of it! I had become very used to the fact that we were all alone on our favourite campsite and had convinced myself that things would stay that way until we left.  The invader seemed harmless enough, though, so there was no cause for concern.

Queen of Spain Fritillary Black-tailed Skimmer On our return from the short walk yesterday I’d spotted some butterflies that I didn’t completely recognize so I sallied forth armed with camera and monopod to try and capture them for identification. I had suspicions that they were Fritillaries of some kind but needed a better shot. It took me a while to arrive at the correct spot because I noticed a different dragonfly zooming hither and thither and spent ages stalking it. It was a very handsome Black-Tailed Skimmer. Eventually I did tear myself away from the water’s edge to find my butterfly which, it turns out, rejoices in the name of Queen of Spain Frittilary. The underside markings are quite spectacular.

There really was a large cause for concern when I returned. Our no-longer-private nature reserve really had been invaded by a group of 14 particularly unruly teenagers. There’s something about sanitary blocks that always makes kids regard them as playgrounds. I hope they are only here for one night. If not, we’re off.

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