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Hopefully we will be bound for Corfu at some ungodly hour (5:55 AM take-off) on Friday morning. On Saturday 23rd May we should join the Explore! group in Corfu town to walk the Corfu Trail, a long distance (220 kms/140 mls) footpath running the length of Corfu island. There are several climbs and descents on the trail, the highest point being about 900 mts/3000 ft.

We won’t be able to resist carrying cameras but we most certainly will be able to resist carting a laptop with us. What, no Traveblog? Fear not. Enter a foray into another weird modern communications technology: Twitter. I have signed up for my Twitter id (@jccurd) and have been practicing. Naturally, with a new (to me) piece of technology goes some new vocabulary. Apparently I’ve been tweeting. Hmm. I have even managed to set up tweeting by SMS text messages from my relatively modern, lightweight mobile phone, which I don’t mind carrying with me. I hope to be tweeting about our progress. Marvellous!

As a consequence, I’ve at last found something more constructive that just introductory blurb to put on our home page. now comes complete with Twitter updates. Check it out.

Not quite as much fun as blogging but useful nonetheless.

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