Stop Press (RIP)

Here I am on the latest incarnation of Windows Live Writer. It may have one or two idiosyncrasies but it seems to me to be many miles ahead of any other off line blog writer. By way of a test run …

First of all, one of my proof readers found a broken photo link in my recent Watery Whipsnade post. (That is one of the WLW idiosyncrasies that I mentioned – it’s too easy to break links with multiple photos in one paragraph.) I’ve corrected it (I hope!) but, in doing so, it’s been reposted so things may look a little repetitive.

When I first published our travel photo albums on a web site I instigated a Stop Press album. The idea was that it satisfy any occasional photo shoot which wasn’t deserving of an album in its own right. Naturally, it rarely got updated and proved more of a history album than a Stop Press album. Now I have Traveblog and blog entries are much better at handling Stop Press content. This should especially be the case if some of the new features in this latest WLW work satisfactorily. Therefore I’ve dispensed with Stop Press  (RIP).

Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Duh! 🙂

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