Riez Market

Riez Market Carol makes a market purchase Riez does have a market, at least on a Wednesday it does. Our road sign deductions proved to be accurate. It was an excellent market, too. For once we bit the bullet and paid market prices instead of supermarket prices and bought everything extra that we needed for two more days. Nearly every French market has a good fish stall and Riez was no exception. All the fish looks so fresh compared to some of our pathetically sad offerings at home. If the French get their fish into the middle of their larger country in higher temperatures and still have it smell of the sea instead of smelling “fishy”, why the hell can’t we? We opted for some perfect looking squid to flash in the pan with some red chilli, tarragon, garlic and lemon juice tossed over a salad. Sadly the butcher didn’t have any spinning rabbits, maybe that’s a Sunday special, but we did buy some pork chops for our other day’s meal.

For the afternoon we braved our return hill again and did a 25 mile bike ride towards Valensole. Part of the plain across which we had to ride became a little tedious and, as we approached our target, a serious looking hill plunged down into it. With our minds firmly on the 3 mile climb back to our camp site, we chickened out opted not to descend into town. Good decision ‘cos the sky was blackening rather dramatically over the mountains just behind Billy.

Warm Squid Salad Cleaning out the squid in Billy was interesting. Well, it was more the disposing of the squid guts that was interesting. I ended up chucking it down the chemical toilet disposal. If that doesn’t mask it, nothing will! Our invented dinner worked a treat. Absolutely delicious! Another recipe to chalk up to the caravan cookbook.

Despite the threatening clouds It didn’t rain but we thought maybe tomorrow it might be time to move slightly west to what supposedly would be more reliable weather, not that we’ve had any rain here yet.

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