One More Day

All those threatening clouds had dissipated overnight and we awoke once again to a cloudless blue sky. Could this ever get boring? No, absolutely not. Anyone who thinks that large amounts of good weather gets tedious needs their lumps felt. Actually, they are simply trying to make the best of a bad job and in denial that it is a bad job. We’ve been here for nearly three weeks and have had two damp mornings that cleared up and were pleasant. I’ll take that over a standard British climate any month of the year. We’ve decided to stay another perfect day.

We drove out to top up with fuel – we will be moving on tomorrow lest we take root – and to visit the Basses Gorges du Verdon where we watched some local youths throwing themselves off a bridge into the Verdon river just for laughs and to the delight of onlookers who applauded them. We drove back through Valensole which we had chickened out of decided against cycling into yesterday. It was pleasant enough but felt a little utilitarian.

Billy in Paradise We spent the afternoon preparing to leave this camp site that will certain feature on our repeat visit list. It’s completely spoiled us: we have acres of space between pitches, the views are good and it’s so quiet that we feel self-conscious crunching our way through a crusty baguette. It’s bliss but it’s time to move on.

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